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Our blended cheeses are a perfect option for those who like a typical Spanish cheese but want to have an alternative to Manchego cheese. These are the most consumed in Spain and you can find them with 2 or 3 different kinds of milk (sheep, goat, and cow). Our great variety of flavours and maturations will suit the most demanding palates.

Gran Capitán 
Tostado, Cut Wedges 210 gr
Gran Capitán has produced a genuine cheese, that thanks to the meticulous maturation process gets an intense flavour of mature cheese with a special hint of sweetness and caramel.

A cheese created by the perfect blend of the different types of milk, which after a minimum maturation period of 10 months, it will seduce the most demanding palates. Ideal for eating by itself, paired with a good wine or in combination with the best tapas.

Lactalis Forlasa, S.L.U.
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