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Cured Cheese

Aged between 4-5 months

Don Bernardo 
Mature, Cured and Semi-cured, 180 gr platter
Don Bernardo is an authentic cheese made with 100% Manchego sheep's milk with Protected Designation of Origin. It has been matured in special preserving conditions and each cheese has been examined by means of a strict control that ensures the quality of the product.

Don Bernardo bears the stamp of the regulatory council, a stamp that identifies each cheese as being unique. For this reason it is No. 1 on the sales list of Manchego cheeses in Spain (Nielsen ratings: Leading Iberian-type brand P.D.O Manchego, sales in equivalent units, Spain, MAT DIC 13). The perfect cheese for eating at any time of the day as an appetiser, starter or dessert. The perfect companion for white or liqueur-type wine.

Lactalis Forlasa, S.L.U.
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