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Flor de Esgueva 
Extra Mature, Wheel 3 kg
Flor de Esgueva Añejo is a unique cheese made with raw sheep milk, loyal to its natural origins and its ancient recipe. The know-how and dedication of the Flor de Esgueva cheese masters have made possible to maintain tradition with the presentation of Flor de Esgueva Añejo, a cheese with a minimum maturation period of 9 months, which endows it with a stronger, more intense flavour and a firm texture.

Undoubtedly a masterpiece of crafted work where those who prefer a more intense flavour will enjoy a perfect vintage cheese of a pale-straw colour, with a compact, hard and dry texture that crumbles when it is cut. Ideal as a perfect pairing of a good wine, as an appetiser or a dessert accompanied by homemade quince jam.

Lactalis Forlasa, S.L.U.
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